Sam’s Club Discover Card

Last updated: February 17, 2015

If you are one of those who shop at Sam’s Club more than twice a week or the type of busy person who would rather make purchases in bulk on credit, then what the Sam’s Club Discover Card has to offer is the perfect fit for you.

Or if you own a small business or any type of business, Sam’s Business Discover Card is a perfect way to make all of your bulk purchases and then pay for them at the end of the month. It serves as a membership card that give you promo discounts and earn rewards on your purchases.


Sam's Club Discover Card

Sam’s Credit Card

1. No Annual Fee
2. Earn up to 2% cash back
3. Use everywhere Discover is accepted
4. In-Club cash access up to $60

Sam’s Club with over 600 stores nationwide has everything you need – from home to office items, food to electronics, and everything else in between. There are several financing plans this card has to offer, which are perfect for big ticket items and electronics.

Furthermore, you only have to carry one card when you shop instead of your Discover Card and an additional Sam’s Club Membership Card. And that’s convenient!

If you are not a Sam’s Club member, you will be able to become a member before you apply for your Discover Card. This card acts as a credit card and a membership card with your picture on the back. And despite the card carrying the exclusive Sam’s Club logo, it can be used anywhere Discover is accepted.

Sam’s Discover Card Rewards

Depending on which type of membership you have, you’ll earn cash back on all of the things you purchase in a year up to $1 million in purchases made at Sam’s Club and at over 4 million locations where the Discover Network is accepted. This includes purchases made at Wal-Mart, at restaurants, for travel and entertainment and more.

Sam’s Business members can receive up to 1% cash rewards for spending above $3,000, while Savings/Plus members can receive up to 2% cash back.

Fees and APR

There is no annual fee for this card, but cardholders still have to pay their annual Sam’s Club membership fee. If you want the extra bonus of the 2% offer than you will have to pay a $100 upgrade membership fee for the benefits of a Plus member.

The Discover Card is frequently offered with a promotional 0% intro APR on balance transfers for a period of time, often up to twelve months. If a promotional APR is not offered, the card’s ongoing APR may be several percentage points below the competitive APR offered on other credit cards.

In-Club Cash Access

Another benefit is the In-Club Cash Access where you can choose from $20, $40, or $60 added to your purchase with no additional fees. This would work well if you want a cash advance of up to $60 and do not want the hassle of going to the ATM machine and pay a fee.

Should I Apply for Sam’s Club Discover?

Make no mistake about it, Discover is a great card provider and all Discover cards are now well accepted at nearly all the same places as Visa and MasterCard. But when it comes to Sam’s Discover Card, 1% cash back isn’t the best among all cards nowadays. Choosing between them is mainly a matter of choosing what rewards you prefer.

The truth is you can use any card issued by Discover for payment at their stores. So why not get one instead that gives you better rewards and benefits?

By far the best deal out there right now is a card issued by Discover called Discover® More Card. And that is exactly what it gives you… More Cash Back!

You can get a whopping 5% cash back on purchases in categories like gas, groceries, travel, and up to 1% cash back bonus on all other purchases. On top of that, there is absolutely no annual fee.

And if you decide to apply for Sam’s Discover, it is important that you read and comprehend the terms and conditions. If questions should arise, make sure you acquire the answers by calling their customer service @ (866)-221-1126. Doing so will save you from too much unnecessary hassles in the future.

To apply you may download an application form from here and take it to your local Sam’s Club. The credit application is on the second page.

Other contact details are as follow

Member Service
(866) 220-0254

Contact Address
Sam’s Club Discover
PO Box 981064
El Paso, TX 79998-1064

Mail Consumer Discover Credit account payments to
Sam’s Club Discover
P.O. Box 960013
Orlando, FL 32896-0013

Can I apply if I have a bad credit history?

As not all Discover cards are the same, Sam’s Discover Card isn’t designed as for those with bad credit. If you are on the low end of credit score scale, you may opt for credit cards for people with less than perfect credit or consider applying for a secured credit card which requires cash collateral.

Caveat: Getting a credit card alone will not help you build, re-build or re-establish your credit history. The key to a better credit history is to pay your credit card bills on time and maintain your account balances below the allocated credit limits.

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