Sam’s Club Membership

Last updated: July 3, 2013

According to a survey conducted in 30 U.S. markets, if you’re a member of Sam’s Club, you could save more than 30% compared to traditional retailers.

As an additional benefit to their club members, Sam’s Club offers a Discover Card that has all the advantages of a Discover Card which doubles as as your Sam’s membership card when you shop at the Club for more savings and rewards.

Now, when you use Sam’s Club Discover, you’ll earn up to 2% cash back on purchases virtually everywhere Discover® is accepted. Granted, you need to become a member before you could apply for your Discover Card.

There are actually three types of membership plans that you can sign up for – each with its own unique perks;

  1. Sam’s PLUS
  2. Sam’s Business
  3. Sam’s Savings
Sam’s Club Membership Sam’s Plus | $100 Sam’s Business | $45 Sam’s Savings | $45
Annual Membership $100 $45 $45
Membership Cards available 2 2 3
Early Shopping Hours Yes Yes No
Personal Shopper with Click ‘n’ Pull Yes Yes Yes
Add-on Membership Accounts available Yes, Up to 16 Yes, Up to 8 No
Cash back with Sam’s Club Discover Up to 2%1 Up to 1%2 Up to 2%
Apply Now Apply Now Apply Now
  1. You’ll get 1.75% cash back rewards when purchases between $5,000 and $10,000 and 2% when you spend more than $10,000 a year. []
  2. The cash-back scheme will get you 0.25% back when you spend up to $1,500 over the year, 0.50% for $1,501 to $3,000 and 1% for spending above $3,000. []